A curriculum based alternative to traditional education
A Two Hour Fun and Exciting Field Trip approved by the
Sarasota County Schools

"Skate For The Health Of It"

A curriculum based alternative to traditional education designed specifically for The Sarasota County Schools.


This unique program was developed by Ronni Tasman, a former elementary educator, to serve the schools and children of her community.

An Exciting New Choice

"Skate For The Health Of It" offers an exciting new choice to the educators in the Sarasota School System and has already touched the lives of many of our children.

Your Partner In Education

The New Stardust Skate Center is your partner in education and is always striving to find new ways to serve our children, our teachers and our community.

Skate For The Health Of It - Two Hour Skating Field Trip
This Program Includes;
  • Professional Skating Instructors
  • Center Manager and Staff
  • Introduction of Course, Outline & Goals
  • Brief history of skating
  • Health and Physical benefits of skating
  • Skating Instruction - Divided into groups
  • Student Demonstrations of acquired skills
  • Skating Session with interactive activities
  • Regular Roller Skates are Included
  • Brief Written Exam
  • Presentation of Awards
  • Certificate of Completion
Cost per student: $7 - $9
Includes regular roller skate rental
Minimum# of students: 50
Maximum # of Student: 150
Lunch specials are available!
Bonus* Each student receives a free weekend admission pass!

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"Skate For The Health Of It" School Field Trip